The Five Elements

The Five Elements in Acupuncture.

The five principle qualities of movement, transformation and change are not only reflected within nature, but also microcosmically in the human body.

The five elements and their correspondences colour, sound, emotion, odour are used as part of a skilful diagnosis to observe which element within a person is showing signs of imbalance, this helps to establish the root cause of illness.

Five-Element acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine which sees that every human being has one cause of disease that is original and unique to each person. When the causative factor is addressed, disease is resolved and symptoms indicating imbalance recede naturally.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

The elements are fundamental to all of life. Harmoniously they manifest within us in health and wellbeing.

The Five Elements also called the five phases, represent a unique and complex system of thought in Chinese philosophy and medicine. All things are seen as manifestations of the infinite and eternal Tao which in turn manifests in our reality through the combination and relationship between the Five Elements.
The root of life is seen as the opposing and complementary forces of the universal yin and yang, dark and light which transform into the five elements or transformative movements of energy. The five elements define the natural cycles of seasonal change in nature which regulate life. The Five Elements are the basic building blocks of all life as we know it on planet earth and the universe.


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