Walking on the Earth

If we could only learn to walk on the Earth, then a large part of the suffering, confusion, insecurity and fear, which is created by today’s urban western lifestyle would be lifted.

The Earth Web

It all originates from the way in which we think and have been taught to act on our thoughts. In the last 350 years, mankind has accelerated its creative ability through linear scientific thinking, this is a great thing. It has allowed us to achieve many things. From agriculture and food production, communications, health and knowledge.

However, the one major flaw in this great step forward is the exclusion of factoring in the natural human nature of homo sapiens. The clever linear mind has become so clever, it has become arrogant in its self-belief of its authority. In the belief that it can understand the workings of the universe, and so is able to manipulate and use for its own ends.

Walk on the Earth with interconnectedness

To comprehend humanities life on the Earth, we need to use complex systems thinking not linear thinking. Then all we have to do is relax be happy and walk on the Earth.

Linear thinking in plain English.

‘Is thinking in a straight line’

Planet Earth is round, complex and interconnected, more of a 3D web.

Systems thinking views the Earth as it is.

Trying to control life on Earth in a straight line does not work.

It creates stress and collapse.

The truth of the matter is, that the complexity and interconnectedness of our biosphere, our ecology, our environment, is such that simplistic linear conceptual thinking, does not have the ability to comprehend compute and understand all that is happening.

k on the Earth

We only have to look at economics, and the value system with which our economic system is working today, to realise that this linear scientific approach to the connection of mankind to the planet, is so flawed.

Check out the way we are in the process of degrading, degenerating and destroying the natural ecology of the planet itself, all in the pursuit of growth, greed and wealth.

When confronted with these difficult truths the linear thinkers.

  1. First, they just deny it is happening. Fight the whole concept.
  2. Then they ridicule it. Laugh at it.
  3. Then they begrudgingly accept it.
  4. Then they promote it, to try to make money out of the situation.
  5. Trying desperately to keep the same paradigm which creates the problem solidly going in the same direction.

Walk with balance and joy

It is not a question of one or the other, but a balance between the two. The rational clever thinking mind is essential, but singularly by itself, it is disastrous. Historically as we built the empires, we ignored, excluded, destroyed and exterminated those’uncivilised’ humans who did not think like us, mainly those which lived in balance with the environment. The Kalahari Bushmen, Aborigines, Maoris, Sammi American Indians and the list goes on, all have been driven to extinction, (or near extinction), through the logic, faith and belief in the clever, intellectual, scientific and greedy linear scientific mind.

We are at a Tipping Point. Right now in May 2020, we are on the brink of disaster. There are catastrophes happening at this moment. We need to change the way we think, and with that, the what and how will become self-evident.

Change is comming

It is not too late. If humanity can embrace the change in the conscious hierarchy. Through letting go of the supremacy of singular linear intellectual thought. Allowing a reconnection deeply and fully with the inherent understanding of our interconnectivity with the natural biosphere and environment, we will all be able to walk on this Earth in peace and harmony.

Walk on Earth
The Light of the future

The Way forward

I am combining the ancient values of meditation and mindfulness practice to help us all navigate through the current climate and environmental crises. I believe that unless we do not begin to use our minds, our brains, our consciousnesses in a less linear empirical way then the future existence of Homo Sapiens on this planet is not looking good. We all need to embrace this change collectively and as one species

The aim within these short talks and the accompanying practices is to deliver to you a practical way to alter your mindset, to be able to expand our usual closed judgemental mind. Learning to be in the present moment, bringing you full attention into what is happening now, increases your Conscious Awareness. This increases your ability to appreciate and understand the complexity and interconnectivity of life. Also, this reduces the stress within you on a personal level. Increasing your ability to place the external stresses in a true and correct perspective.