Stakeholder Capitalism

Why is Sustainability important?

There is a clock, The Doomsday clock. It is a symbol that humanity will create a global catastrophe from which there will be no return. Why is Sustainability important? The doomsday clock is a metaphor for the hypothetical global catastrophe actually coming to a result of human actions and attitudes here on earth.  Scientists began it in 1947 when it was set to 7 minutes to midnight. Since then it has moved 24 times and now, on the  23rd January 2020 the time is  1 min 40 sec before midnight. This is based on the possibilities of a nuclear blunder, mistake or miscalculation amplified by the increased rate of climate change. ( Noam Chomsky )

This is why sustainability is important and linked with this clock. Currently with the impetus of our current economic ethos which underlies many of the social imbalances and national inequalities which drive the fear and resentment between peoples.

The tipping point of GDP

For so long as the economic bottom line is solely based, valued and gauged by the GDP % increase of year on year profit. With no concern for the wellbeing and sustainability of the environment, resources or workforce, then there will be a tipping point of no return.

As shown quite dramatically with the Covid 19 Pandemic.  The economics of 2020 are so globally interconnected that with the Covid 19 pandemic. The whole stability of unbridled capitalistic liberalism is threatened to the very core. Life after Covid is now a new strapline. The likely hood is that we will never be able to return back to as we were, socially or economically. All assumptions are binned, nobody knows and the future pathway ahead for homo sapiens is very much in the balance.

Sustainable balance, showing the interconnectivity of the Planet Growth and the economy
The Planet, Growth, and Economy

This all begs a question. Should we all be attempting to nurture a novel way of living? Socialising, trading and interacting with each other, locally, nationally and internationally? Could we bring in a new model for global sustainability where there is a win-win-win solution? Where the economy, human wellbeing and environmental outcomes are all factored in.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability, are you connected?

Environmental awareness is not just a nice idea.  Not just dreamers who can afford to spend time thinking about how could we create a better world. Not Just eco snowflakes.

Environmental Awareness is an absolute must for all of us to take on board. Using it as a compass for navigating this incredible world society we have. If we are to have a future which will support and nurture all life on planet Earth.

Environmental awareness is the thought patterning of Global Sustainability . Global sustainability is the assured future of humanity’s existence on planet Earth.

Plastic throwaway bottles are not sustainable. Sustainability is the linking of everything together.
The non susutainable plastic generation

There is a very simple law of consequences. Every man, woman and child on this planet earth needs to embrace. To take on board, learn and consider every day, that is through our actions, we affect all and everything else.

Everything is interconnected, yes everything. You may consider, intellectually that you are an individual, an island, independent and free. To do as you wish. True, but everything you do has an effect far greater and deeper than you may ever have considered.

Newton’s third law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you press a stone with your finger, the finger is also pressed by the stone.

Our lives, our existence are embedded in giant webs of billions upon billions of strands of fine threads. Touching and resonating with each other. Every time we do something, think something, they strike from the thread this ripples and ricochets out to everywhere. Having an effect equal to the initial force.

Is the future already happening.

The interactive threads of everything creates the sustainability  which underpins life on earth.
The interconnections of everything in life

Sustainability ( is the balance between the three pillars. Our Earth, Eco-economic and Wellbeing. All held together within the warp of Systems thinking. Showing the connections within any situation and how things unfold over time. Too often we react to the immediate situation without understanding how that will affect the whole. The web of interconnectedness.

How is the World bank doing?

On May 15th 2020 the World Bank  Launched its Inaugural Sustainable development bond impact report. Describing how the bond proceeds support sustainable development across a variety of sectors and how the projects support Sustainable Development Goals. 

“World Bank Sustainable Development Bonds help investors implement environmental, social, and governance investment strategies, while achieving development impact goals,”.

 said Anshula Kant, Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer.

Wind Turbines for the future. produciong clean power and a sustainable future
Wind Turbines for the future

Triodos Bank

Even the Banks are taking notice that sustainability is important, they know we’re in a state of climate emergency. To limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the world must radically reduce its CO2 emissions. Yet, since the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement, UK banks have pumped nearly £150 billion into fossil fuels. We want this to change.

One way you can help is to make sure the money in your bank is funding things that protect our planet. Sustainability is important.

Your money has the power to change the world

“When Triodos offered a current account in the UK, I immediately joined the bank. I didn’t want to be accidentally investing in the arms trade and fossil fuel industry. Triodos is mindful about investing in a positive vision for our planet.”

Lily Cole, model, activist and founder of Impossible

Impossible media is an exciting and revolutionary company. They say of themselves ‘ We are experts in creating purpose, building products and designing businesses for the future using’. Planet Centric Design. The planet needs new thinking more than ever.’

Planet centric design is  to help restore the balance and drive change in business and in society.

Following the united nations self development goals