Steps to Health and Wellbeing

Life is like a river, and the boulders in the river are the stepping stones we use to cross it, these are the steps to health and wellbeing, they are the steps in our lives which bring us health, happiness, joy and fulfilment. The steps to health and wellbeing are the choices we make as we cross the river.

Imagine as we look at this river that there are a myriad of rocks and boulders coming out of the water. We have to choose where to step next. Which boulder or rock seems the best to step on to, offering us the choice of opportunity.

The Steps to health and wellbeing are like rocks in a river
The steps to well-being

Well-being is not one thing. Health and wellbeing is the accumulation of the whole of our life up until this moment. Comprising of everything from our childhood, your education, our parents and family, our genetics, our culture, our language, our thoughts, our environment, our everything. Wellbeing is how we are right now.

Health and wellbeing 101

How are we today?
Are there some steps we could take to improve our well-being?

The steps to health and wellbeing are quite simple. It’s sticking to the path and walking the talk is the difficult bit. We all can ‘know’ what is best for us, but how do we turn the good intention into a reliable habit?
Now that’s a little bit more tricky.

Firstly I encourage you to read and feel the next statement slowly and carefully, then re-read it, then sit back and slowly digest the full impact of these words.

The steps to health and wellbeing, in life are a spiral

The way you think creates your perception and feelings about your world. It guides and directs your every next action and thought.

Consequently your life.

In understanding the way your mind works, you will understand the choices you make, you will understand your health and wellbeing.

The 4 keys to health and wellbeing

Every day stop what you are doing

for five mins.

Sit down. Focus on your breath.

Count fifteen breaths slowly.

Do this twice.

  1. Learn to focus your attention, onto your life, and see how things really are, not how you might want to think of them or hope they might be.
  2. Learn to appreciate the difference between what you think and what you feel.
  3. Don’t judge yourself. Have an acceptance of ‘This is who I am’. Note: Just because this is who you are at this moment in time does not mean that this how you are always going to be.
  4. Everything in life changes, nothing ever stays the same. You may as well get used to it for, if there is any truth in this world, then this is the number one.

Prevention is better than cure. Often when we get a serious health scare, that’s when we realise we need to change something in our life. Our weight, our exercise, our diet, our stress. Really? Isn’t it a bit late when we are at that point? Still, any change, at any time is than never.

Start today, change your Life.

Take 5 and sit and breathe.

The steps of Health and wellbeing

Mindfulness meditation is a way of connecting with this deeper, inner truth. of who you really are not who you think you are. By slowing down the clever words, by dropping away from the narratives the stories and the distractions. We can allow ourselves to be more present. Allow ourselves to listen to what really is, not what we think it is. There is such a difference, a world of difference between the two.

It is not my job to convince you that this is correct or true or right. My intention, my hope is to engage with you so that you may experience this for yourself. Then as you experience it becomes a reality for you, it becomes a truth for you.

When we stop, [sit, breathe, be] we notice our incessant internal chattering, the monkey mind. Then when we stop again there is a space a gentleness a calmness within, which is always there and available. Always welcoming which will regenerate invigorate and support you.

Mindfulness meditation is not a cult, it’s not a religion, it’s not a belief system, it’s an experience similar to running or swimming or riding a bike. It is a skill, a life skill, the more you practice the stronger you become, more deep-rooted and more present in your life.

The one requirement for a happy life.

However, there is one requirement and that requirement is, to gain the skill we have to practice. Like any skill or habit, it comes from practice and repetition. This forms the new brain patterning, the new habit, of being present and aware of your life as it is.

Then you can choose to change your life as you will. With this comes a deep relaxation of your self-regulatory physical processes which increase your ability to become naturally healthy and well. Health and wellbeing.

The world is mine

Once built, once in place, it is there forever. Opening up your awareness to work in parallel with your ideas, hopes, and inspirations. It is this balance, which will enable you to act, think breathe and achieve better.

Where everything matters.