Why am I so tired all the time?

Do you ever think…Why am I so tired all the time and low on energy, when I have hardly done anything? It really can be quite worrying. Catastrophy runs wild in the imagination, what could be happening, a serious illness, flu, COVID 19? Who to ask what to do.

The first step is, to step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself the following questions  Where does the tiredness come from?

 The first question to ask, is how long have I had this tiredness? Is it the physical body or the mind? Is it coming from physical symptoms or more of mental-emotional symptoms?


If we have had tiredness for some time, and it is progressively getting worse, then the first thing we must do is visit your GP. It is imperative to have a full check out the state of our physical body. The medical world with all its ability of tests and scans can put our mind to rest. identifying whether the tiredness is due to a major concern, which may need attending to or physically everything is OK and we have the all-clear.

Extremely Tired all the time?

Once that is sorted then we must begin to look at the more subtle causes of  why we are feeling extremely tired. The most obvious place to start is with our lifestyle and our diet and our fluid intake.

Lifestyle. If we are overworking and constantly overworking and extremely tired through the exertion of the day. The first thing we must do is to stop and reassess the real needs in our life. Altering our lifestyle can help us to conserve and re-energise our body and mind. We do not have to be tired all the time!

Is your life style tiring?

Diet. It is very important to have regular meals of freshly cooked food with a balance of proteins carbs and vegetables. Easy to say, but sometimes difficult to achieve especially when we have a hectic life. Takeaway meals, frozen foods, oven ready foods, processed foods, should all be kept to a minimum.Improving your diet with acupuncture Much of the goodness and energy-giving nutrition has often be broken down in the pre-cooking and the processing of convenient foods. They might taste nice and yummy but they just add to our tiredness and fatigue.

Food intolerance and allergies.

Increasingly food intolerances and allergic reactions to foods are increasing, it is not, however, a simple situation. The body is a highly complex and interconnected homeostatic system. In plain English, it means that it’s not just the food we eat it’s the State of Mind with which we eat it and our overall emotional status.

Just consider this. When we get upset often we get a tummy ache or we have to run to the loo, or we have fullness or swelling in our stomach. All these symptoms are generated through our limbic system in the brain reacting to the emotional responses we’re feeling, which affect our ability to digest. It is very important to know which foods we have problems with but don’t be surprised when times we can eat those foods with no problem and at other times we eat the same food and feel very tired lethargic fatigued.

 One of the big difficulties with food intolerances is it takes between 10 to 20 minutes for us to feel the negative effects of the food. Therefore often we don’t relate directly to the food we ate and the symptom we have. Allergies on the hand have a direct almost instantaneous response within the body, as soon as the allergic substance is ingested or touched.

Have you had a food intolerance test?

Therefore, it is important to have tests either by a therapist or a doctor to isolate out which substances and foods we have trouble with. In addition, we can do an elimination diet our self by cutting out the foods we consider to be affecting our energy and making us feel tired. In not eating them for a period of two to three weeks, and then reintroducing them to our diet one of the time and noting how we feel each meal. This will give we a very good indication of our ability to digest and assimilate this food. It is advisable also to note our emotional state of mind. For instance, happy anxious angry worried etc. as this could be a good indicator of our digestive abilities.

Testing for tiredmness

I am of the mind that a little of everything is fine for us. It is the excess which is detrimental to our health and well-being. Too much of anything is bad for us. This does not mean but meals have to be boring, we just have to find the energy to be creative. This is a positive spiral upwards. We make interesting food, it tastes good, it does us good, and it gives us energy, and our fatigue and tiredness will slowly diminish.

Mineral Water

Monitor your fluid intake. For thousands of years, homo sapiens has drunk water. With the occasional alcohol at festive times and herbal remedies as infusions for health. Mineral water is the closest we have to drinking natural water. In the last 150 years, which is no time at all in our evolution, we have begun to drink a vast amount of stimulants, black tea, coffee, sugary drinks and artificial fruit drinks. This is novel and energy-intensive for the digestion. Mineral water can be inexpensive and give you all the advantages of hydrating yourself without fear of the over sanitisation of tap water.

It is our kidneys which have to sort out the pure from the impure fluids. We need pure water to bathe our cells and functions, and lubricate our body’s energy mechanisms and digestive mechanisms. I believe that coffee and strong tea are two of the most dangerous artificial stimulants that we are ingesting at the moment. For the simulants act on the adrenal glands creating adrenaline and cortisol to produce more energy and along with the thyroid glands. When over used this chemical reaction inverts and creates the feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Within the body when we overdue anything the homeostatic mechanism of the body will attempt to recreate the balance and if we push our self for too long too often finally the body will say ‘stop I can go no further’ and we will have intense fatigue and tiredness.

Drink pure water. helps tiredness
Drink pure water

Therefore try and drink more water and less stimulants, less alcohol, regaining the balance is of the Essence. A little bit of everything is fine but three or four espresso coffees or lattes or cappuccinos a day is excessive and will do damage.

Emotional Tiredness

The next area of tiredness is emotional tiredness. This is the most subtle and yet pervasive draining of energy in the body. (I will link this to another post of mine concerning the brain and how it functions.) Just to say that our emotions when we have no insight will use a lot of our energy.

Thoughts can cascade and catastrophize through fear, anger, worry and insecurity. In these times, May 2020, there is huge in security and there is vast emotional fear. And as I’m sure we have noticed we cannot say to our selves ‘I don’t want to be scared or frightened or fearful’ for this just doesn’t work. We have to come at it from another perspective and that is from going deep into the limbic system of the mind and calming down the initial stimuli of the creation of the chemicals which creates the feelings of the emotions.

 This is not done with our clever mind, this is not done by trying. It is done by coming to the present moment, by sitting quietly or lying down quietly, and allowing our consciousness (which is not our clever thinking mind) to come to the present moment. To experience that which is really happening to us not that we think may have happened or might happen in the future to us.

Negative Emotions make you tired

There is a huge and profound difference. Once we gain the insight into our own mind we can re-engineer and reverse the emotional negative impacts on our energy and our tiredness.

In rebalancing our emotions we do not have to go through every single thing, dragging up all the trauma, dragging up all the let-downs, dragging up all the unfulfilled wishes expectations, we don’t have to do that. We just have to be more mindful.

Have you tried Mindfulness?

This is where mindfulness meditation begins to release us from the tyranny of our own mind and allows us to find and that joy and happiness, which is deep within us, waiting to be freed from the fears and insecurity of our clever mind.

Mindfulness calms th mind and gives you energy
Mindfulness Calms the Emotions

For more information on how to do this please follow the link below.


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